Our story

Hey, we (Paul&Fabian) are the singer/songwriter duo Outline.

We started making music together at the age of 14 & 12.

Back then, we met once or twice in the week at our little attic to play some of our favourite music together. Both living and growing up in the small town Gröditz in Germany, we spent much time together since our early days. 

In 2016, we decided to write and play some own songs, under the name Outline, to small crowds around the area of our hometown. For us, it's a real pleasure and we're thankful for every possibility to play our songs, because there is nothing better to think of, than sharing our music with new people.

Our singer/songwriter, alternative & folk-rock music is as well influenced by classical singer/songwriters like Bob Dylan & John Martyn, as being affected by contemporary artists like The Tallest Man On Earth, Coldplay and Ben Howard. What drives us when we're playing music together in front of a crowd, is the wish to give the listeners a better feeling and to encourage them to dream a bit to put their everyday life in the background for a little while. 

Within our own songs, which reach from spherical-dreamy sounds to rhythmical and lively parts, we're mostly playing acoustic & electric guitars, harmonica, piano and percussion.